Osage County

Osage Energy Resources is located in Osage County, the largest county in Oklahoma. The first discovery of Oil in Oklahoma occurred in 1859 with the discovery of oil seeping into a salt well drilled in Salina. The first intentional oil well was drilled near Chelsea in 1889 and produced little oil.

The first commercially paying well in Oklahoma was drilled in 1896 near Bartlesville, the location of the main office of Osage Energy Resources. Osage County, named after the Osage Native American Tribe, was discovered to have large quantities of oil in 1894. Drilling was started by oilman Henry Foster who approached the Osage Tribe, who hold the mineral rights, for permission to drill.

The county consists of approximately 1,475,000 acres of pristine Oklahoma prairie some of which is above large quantities of oil deposits. Most of Osage Energy Resources' wells are located in beautiful Osage County