Management Team

Theo Emanuel- Director
An Entrepreneur with businesses all over the world.


Freddy Palaparthy - Director
An Entrepreneur with expertise in international trade realty and energy resources.


Leon Emanuel- Director
A finance graduate from the Wits Business School.


Gail Roark - Oil and Gas consultant
Mr. Roark is a full time consultant who has over 50 years experience in the drilling and production of oil in the Osage county.


Allen Brown - Consulting Geologist
Mr. Brown is a geologist from the Osage county who will be consulting on staking and completion of the wells.


Justin Jacobsen – Chief Operations Officer
Justin Jacobsen after a very successful career in the US Marines which included two stints in Iraq where he served with honor has joined the Osage Energy Resources family as Chief Operations Officer.

He brings with him his extensive managerial skills to his present post. He is a natural leader and a very quick learner and his production team will readily assert this fact. Of his many attributes Justin has strong problem solving and decision making skills with the ability to develop and implement effective action plans. Blessed with excellent communication and presentation skills he is a natural leader with good team building and facilitating abilities. His skills in task management and scheduling has helped the company become more effective in day to day management. The company as with everyone in the industry has gone thru some difficult times and Justin’s mettle has been tested as he had to trim the fat to ensure much lower production costs that was required to keep the company in the black while continuing to motivate his team with leadership and vision. His extensive leadership training and experience helped him in no small measure.


Pavan Kumar - Finance Director
Mr. Pavan is an ICWA (International cost and works accountant) with over 10 years experience.


Clint Smith - Field Superintendent
Over 25 years of experience in oil and gas production at the field level.